Transportation Services

Whatever the size of your goods, be it a daily lane or an expedited shipment, we can match the right equipment to your needs. From the smallest carton to a large piece of machinery or 60’ steel beams, we have you covered.

Cargo Van & Sprinter Van

Cargo vans and sprinter vans are ideal for that smaller shipment,providing service that is exclusive and dedicated without paying for more truck than you need. Our straight trucks give your company flexibility. They can handle loads up to 9,500 pounds. If you have a large shipment that you don’t want handled multiple times at multiple service centers, as is the case with less-than-truckload carriers, then we can pick your shipment up at your dock and deliver it to your customer's dock quickly without ever taking the freight off the truck. Your shipment arrives to your customer just the way you put the freight on the truck. Your shipment moves damage free and faster because our drivers move directly between point A and point B without interruption.

Straight Truck, Dry Van & Refrigerated Van

If your need is a whole truck load, then we have 48’ and 53’ late model, air-ride dry van and refrigerated units to handle your goods. From carpet, wood flooring, and packing material, to frozen turkeys and seafood, we will provide the right piece of equipment to handle your shipping needs.

Flatbed Trucks

Our flatbed experience allows us to handle a wide array of goods. We can provide 48’ and 53’ late model, air-ride trailers that can haul up to 49,000 pounds of steel or can deliver a sensitive jet airplane engine. If your product is tall, then we can meet that need with a single drop or double drop step deck.

Oversize Loads

Our experience is vast when it comes to moving oversized loads. We can arrange for permits and escort services so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Length, width, and height may make others unable to service your freight , but at NEW VISION, we accept the challenge of getting your oversized loads to the customer.

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